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There are several ways you can join me on my journey. I hope you will…

Follow Me:
Jump on the back of my bike, strap on your helmet, and join me for the ride. Invite your friends to come, too. You can never have too many friends when you’re on a long and bumpy road.

Connect Me:
Connect me with locals and other travelers (especially with bad-ass women who are breaking traditional, cultural, and male-dominated boundaries). If you know someone who lives in the areas I’ll be riding through, please introduce us so we can make a connection and become friends. (Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.)

Do you know of any cool yurts in the area? What about luxury spas? (Just kidding-I can’t afford that!). I accept all lodging and food advice. Don’t want to miss out on anything!

Donate a meal or help me afford an accommodation upgrade:
Journeys, especially solo bicycling journeys, are always long and bumpy roads. I spent months planning this trip, but there will surely be times when I could use some help and comfort. Here are a few ways that you can put a spring in my step (or rather peddle stroke), a smile on my face, and love in my heart…

Food Accommodations Travel
$1   One cup of coffee $10  Camping (one night) $30 Replacement inner tubes and general bike maintenance expenses
$3   Breakfast $20  Hostel (one night) $95 The cost of one month of travel insurance plus emergency evacuation.
$7   Lunch $35   Hostel w/bathroom $55  One day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and hostel w/bathroom)
$10 Dinner $50  OMG! The lap of luxury $100 Boat ride (there are three boat rides along my route that I’m aware of, $100/each)
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Thank you so much for considering a contribution. I feel the love and energy of your generous intentions.  I couldn’t do this without your support and belief in me. Besos!

Thanks for supporting me with your kind donation!

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