Chicken or Bust!

I can now check the Dempster off my bucket list, but the adventure continues. After hitching back to Dawson City, I hung out with Linda and Peycho for a couple of days to regroup before starting another segment of the ride.

I got lucky. For the first time, Dawson City had a day for tourists to go pan for gold just like the ole gold rush days (1896-1899). Bonanza! On my third pan, I struck it rich. I found one of the biggest nuggets of the day. Unfortunately, my plans to retire early were dashed when my nugget tipped the scales at only $75. Of course that would only get me through the first year.

Linda and I stayed under the stars with Peycho the first two nights then decided we needed a bit of pampering, so we headed to the hostel across the Yukon River.

Home sweet home! No electricity or running water but at least we didn’t have to pitch our tents.

Morning coffee heated on the wood stove.

The mighty Yukon!

Free ferry service back and forth between the town and hostel 24 hours a day. Across this ferry is also were the Top of the World Highway also begins.


From Dawson I rode straight uphill to the Top-of-the-World Highway. It’s a 66 mile ride to the most northern boarder between Canada and the US. I was lucky to have the sun on my back the entire day. A couple days after I finished this pass, I met a woman in the campground who asked if I was the woman who got chased by a grizzly riding this pass. What? Are you kidding me? Turns out an RV came along just in time and saved the day. So, ya, shit does happen!


Chicken proved to be a little slice of heaven, or rather a big slice. I indulged in a few slices of wood-oven baked pizza, blueberry pie with ice-cream, a huge chocolate chip cookie plus an enormous cinnamon roll and to top it all off, a beer on tap. Sick! And, then to help burn if off, I did a little pole dance in the Chicken Salon. An Aussie hanging out asked if I wanted to “blow my panties up” in this little contraption made and patented in Chicken. The remaining panties are then hung from the ceiling of the bar along with hundreds of other obscure items. I told him that I’d love to, but then I’d have to come back and retrieve them in the morning as they were my last clean pair. In the end, I decided against it.

This delicious cinnamon roll was a gift for the hard work of biking to Chicken. I kind of wish she gifted it before the cookie and pie, but, nevertheless, I was grateful!

Best Little saloon in Alaska!



Linda and I rode together to Tok where we hung out for two nights in the Arctic Tent before continuing the journey. Josh, our dorm mate from Florida treated us to a royal b-b-que. Delicious!

The road to Tok. A freakin hilly mofo ride.

This arctic tent was like an ice-box! Way colder than just being outside.

Our friend Josh with a sweet southern drawl.

The ride goes on! I’ll keep you updated as temperatures plummet at night here in Alaska and Canada.

Final destination Haines, Alaska then on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry to Bellingham- a five day, four night ride through the inside passage. A good way to reflect and decompress before hitting the ground running once again.



5 thoughts on “Chicken or Bust!

  1. Hi Denise!! Great to hear from you! So glad you’ve been enjoying your trip. Looking forward to having you back been missing you:( Another week or so to go right? Stay safe love you!! Annie

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