Haida Gwaii (formally Queen Charlotte Island)

I spent eight days on the gorgeous island of Haida Gwaii and all but one was rainy. One day it poured for about 12 hours straight. I lost it! I wanted to go home. I told myself as soon as it lightens up I’ll take that road everyone talks about then I’ll call it a rap. Of course, at the end of your rope, just as you’re completely losing your shit, is where the magic begins! At least that’s how it works for me.


A nice lady invited me to stay in her studio, a Cuban guy sailing from Alaska with a French family invited me to coffee and surprised me with a few chocolate bars. How did he know that I love chocolate! I went to a community bike fix program started by a teacher and Warmshowers host. I learned a ton about Haida culture and customs. I leaned that entertainment on a Friday night entails going around to the various bonfire parties. If they don’t know who you are, they ask who your mother is since it’s a matriarchal society.

By the eighth day the sun came out and I didn’t want to leave. Part of the reason I didn’t want to leave is because the “vacation ” part of my trip would be over when I left the island. Now the games will begin!

I took the seven hour ferry ride back to Prince Rupert last night which got me into town at 6am. Tomorrow there is sun in the forecast, so I’ll leave. There is rain and thunder predicted the rest of the week.

On the islands the fog horn went in my front pouch.

On this next leg of the trip, I’ll still be in British Columbia. In fact B.C. is so big that you can fit California, Washington, Oregon and a little bit of New England inside her massive boarders. It’s as wide as Texas with only two highways heading north. I’ll be on the Cassier Highway otherwise known as “Bear Ally.” Not to worry, I know exactly what to do if I see a bear, scream and run!!

She-RA jumped ship…now I have the mighty eagle feather to protect me!

I’ll be following the Skeena River up from Pr. Rupert the first day. Apparently, it’s the longest un-dammed river in North America. Who knew? I imagine it will be about two weeks until I’m able to post again. By then I should be in Whitehorse.

Feel free to keep sending good vibes…I receive the positive energy even without WiFi.



8 thoughts on “Haida Gwaii (formally Queen Charlotte Island)

  1. Thanks for the update! Sounds so exciting except for the rain part. No thank you!! You are one brave woman! After about a week I would have had enough. So proud of ya sis! Glad you have the opportunity to travel that most folks don’t get. Lucky you! Be careful out there and know I’m thinking of you. Love, Annie

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  2. Reading watching and learning Thanks for sharing and wishing you sunshine and good friends along the way. Maureen 

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  3. RIP She-Ra… sending you so much positive mojo and love Denise! Loving your adventures and praying the bears are not interested in bikers right now! 😊 stay safe my friend!

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  4. You are so funny, she rah is gone. I’m sitting another day in haines, overcast and some rain. If i’m going to bike this road with bears i want to see the views. Not sure what to do. Wait another day.Linda Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


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