Life After Ushuaia…

It’s difficult to regroup and move forward after being laser focused on a specific goal for five months.  In Ushuaia, I had time to weigh the pros and cons of several options.  In the end, I decided to continue my ride up the Atlantic coast of Argentina on Route 3 (Ruta 3).  This decision was made primarily because of weather and economical reasons more than anything.

The distances are long, cold, and desolate in this part of Patagonia.  I decided to hitch on and off to move faster up the coast to warmer weather.  Hitching with a bike loaded with gear can be tricky, but this route is full of truckers heading to and from Buenos Aires so I “usually” have pretty good luck.

In Pierdas Buenas I got stuck for several days.  There were simply no trucks passing by. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, a woman who had seen me standing by myself on the side of the road in the rain, wind and cold insisted that I come to their house and stay the night and try again the next morning.  An hour later, I was getting out of a hot shower with a delicious meal waiting for me while my clothes were being washed!

The next morning, I tried again.  This time a young French man from Paris who had been riding around the world for two years rolled up and asked if he could hitch with me.  Miraculously, within an hour we had a ride to Cómodora Rivadavia about 340 miles away.

In Comodora Rivadavia, we stayed with my friend Beto who I met near Bariloche.  Beto’s house was the perfect place to relax, eat good food, sight see in a Chevy truck and contemplate the next move.

From here, Matteo continued a three day ride to Trelew (a Welsh immigrant community) while I decided to hitch another ride.

From Trelew, I rode to Puerto Madryn, a modern mid-sized town strung out along the shores of the Nuevo Gulf.  Nothing to do here but walk along the sandy beach, ride my bike along the coast to watch the sea lions and penguins in their natural habitat, and drink mate with my new friend Graciela who is my Couchsurfing host.  It’s obvious that this is my natural habitat as well; those sea lions got nothing over me!

Ran into Matteo again.  So far he is the only other biker that I’ve met on this route.  We decided to ride to the even more remote and inhospitable Peninsula Valdés together (UNESCO site).  We rode out to Punta Norte to see the Orcas.  We were lucky that they finally made an appearance at the end of the day.

Once again Matteo and I parted ways.  New adventures lie ahead for both of us.  You just never know who or what awaits you with each coming day.  The adventure lies in not knowing!


Animals I’ve seen on my ride so far:  llamas, alpacas, guanacos, maras, foxes, armadillos, rheas, woodpeckers, seals, sea lions, penguins and orcas!


12 thoughts on “Life After Ushuaia…

  1. what did you find out from the doctor, you must be feeling better if you are doing all that biking.  sounds and looks great.  i spent a week down in connecticut with my friend and spent the week.  one day went into nyc, fun to walk around.  painting my sisters spare bedroom now, looks great, gray, matching my indian fabric that i put on the bedcover.  i think i got my house rented again.  they all move out this weekend and they found new people to replace them.  hope it all goes well.  love getting the posts, it looks so great.  i like the hitching idea. linda


  2. Hola Denise, Yes, amazing to follow you. Such a pleasure living vicariously through your adventures. Will be interested in your re-acclimation to the States. Would you consider continuing the posts in regards to that for a short time? Also, as a retired educator, am always interested in any additional personal learnings from life experiences as you reflect on it all. I would say you have had one or two in addition to what you have already mentioned! Am now in Merida, volunteering a bit, hanging with friends, officiated the wedding ceremony for my daughter and new son-in-law here last week, trying to buy a house, learn Spanish, and join a cycling group. Abrazos y saludos.


    1. Ron, sounds like you’ve been packing in a lot also! Did you officially buy a house in the Yucatán or are you still looking? Officiating your daughter’s wedding is big stuff -congratulations!

      I have to say, coming back to the US and “normal” life will be tough after the day to day adventures I am having on the road. We’ll see what happens! I’m sure BIG reflections will happen after some processing time back home. And yes, I will keep up the blog after reentering the atmosphere at ground zero which is Seattle. Ay, life transitions!

      Espero que todo bien con vos. Hasta pronto, Chico!


  3. You are so brave. I know you are meeting the best people. So glad your adventure is rewarding you with fantastic animals and unbelievable sights of nature. Take care of yourself! This is the trip of a lifetime.


  4. Wow! I finally found the place to comment! We are both following your adventures with intense interest….both on the blog and on the map. You are amazing!!!


  5. So glad to see your smiling face! I love reading your posts and seeing your pics. What a trip!! Yes, there is something truly uplifting about starting a day and not knowing what surprises are in store. The joys of travel, good karma and one helluva itinerary! Un abrazo!!


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