Pedal Power!

Please follow me on my bike journey through the Southern cone of South America as I ride through Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.  From the salt flats of Bolivia to the Southern most city in the Southern Hemisphere…Ushuaia, Argentina.  I’ll be riding between 4,000-5,000 miles (depending on routes and weather) over six months (or more ?!).

Way back in October 2015 – after feeling the urge to push myself beyond what I believed where my limits and needing to throw out of the window fears that keep me locked in a holding pattern – a low, persistent and taunting voice from within the depths of my being spoke to me.  It said, “Girl, the moment is upon you…now get your butt on that bike and just start riding.”  I was terrified by the beckoning call, but it grew stronger and more nagging until one day I just said, “WTF – I’m doing this.”

My bike is simply my mode of transportation as I pass through this part of the world.  I’m not on a mission to cover a certain distance every day or ride a prescribed number of hours.   Traveling by bike allows me to stop and talk to farmers, women washing clothes and children playing in the street.  It offers me an opportunity to see the world at a slower pace and to connect with the ground under my tires and the people in the villages I pass through.  I will ride at the speed of awe and discovery!

Please come along as I pedal over a long and bumpy road from north to south.  Strap on your helmet, jump on the back of my bike seat, lift your feet  and join me for the ride of your life!




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